lebron is the world's best basketball player and the best set of technologies for combining modules into applications with javascript
supports mvc, mvm, mvvm, cmv, mccmvm, cvvmqp, csv, html, html5, enterpise, 0mq, b2b
ok but srsly
  • does one thing and does it well
  • isn't a grab bag (is designed to be a dependent)
  • passing CI for browsers and linux/mac/windows
  • no complicated steps to install and use
  • clear, concise readme
  • everyone can write at least one module
    small modules: "natural abstractions" that you can compose into bigger modules
    proper modules minimize vendor lock-in
    fun stuff: beefy, watchify, tape, testlingify, level-filesystem
    "step 1 to use my client side library: install node.js"
    module servers: cdnjs.com, wzrd.in, jspm.io, jsdelivr.com, normalize.github.io
    CSS/asset loaders: brfs, js-css-loader, rework-npm, atomify-css
    a few examples of good small module authors: substack, mikolalysenko, hughsk, raynos, mafintosh, damonoehlman, tmcw, rvagg, juliangruber, feross
    slides: github.com/maxogden/slides