Open Season

a plea for digital frontierspeople

non-blocking workflows

node is

less interesting

than npm

node core is a handful of fast APIs for common protocols

npm is where you can put anything, and anyone can depend on it

increasing reliability

results in

more agency

results in

robust ecosystem

The NPM Bill of Rights

Automatic Install

            npm install
            npm start
            npm test






  • name
  • description
  • badges
  • install
  • example
  • api
  • contributing
  • license



var myJavaScript = require('yourCoffeeScript');
May the best fork win





“An API is intuitive if reading the name tells you what it is, and require('whatevers') in the REPL tells you how to use it” - @izs
“complements such as 'intuitive' should be left for others to make, otherwise you commit the sin of marketing” - @dominictarr

airport, ansi-keycode, ap, archy, astw, asynth, autorev, bashful, battleship-search, baudio, baudio-party, ben, bigint, binary, bouncy, brake, brfs, browser-badge, browser-launcher, browser-pack, browser-terminal, browser-unix, browserify, buffer-equal, bufferlist, buffers, bunker, burrito, c-tokenizer, camelize, caps-lock, catch-links, chainsaw, char-size, charm, chdir, chi-squared, choose, chunky, cicada, code-art, codebux, coffeeify, comandante, commondir, concat-map, confuse, console-stream, continued-fraction, cookie-cutter, coords, coverify, crytter, css-prefix, cursory, cypher-feed, de-bruijn, deck, decode-prompt, deep-equal, deep-freeze, defined, deps-sort, deputy, destroyer, detective, difflet, disorder, dnode, dnode-protocol, dnode-stack, dotc, duplex-pipe, earl-grey, editor, emit-stream, endian-toggle, energy-relay, ent, ever, exportify, extents, exterminate, falafel, figc, fileify, findit, fl-optimist, fleet, flotilla, foreign-key, fort, freestyle, fritter, funstance, gamma, garbage, gcd, git-emit, git-file, git-history, github-avatar, github-from-package, github-push-receive, glog, graph-stream, grave, gray-code, gtest, gutter, hacker-deps, hash-join, hashish, hat, heatmap, http-browserify, http-duplex, http-noupgrade, http-raw, https-detect, hugh-detector, humbug, hyperglue, hyperkey, hyperquest, hyperspace, hyperstream, identifier, insert-css, insert-module-globals, internet-timestamp, intestine, isaacs, jadeify, jbuffers, join-stream, jquery-mousewheel, json-literal-parse, json-scrape, json-stable-stringify, jsonify, jsonparse, jsup, key-range, keysym, keyx, level-assoc, level-join, level-query, level-track, lexical-scope, lexicographic-integer, logdir, lump, marak, markdown-directory, markov, marx, meteor, minimist, mkdirp, mmmify, module-deps, mountie, mrcolor, multimeter, n-pair, normalize-browser-name, npm-package-search, npm-package-sync, npmdep, npmtop,, nub, number-grouper, number-script, object-inspect, oppressor, optimist, ordered-emitter, parents, parsley, password-reset, pathway, permafrost, persona-id, picture-tube, pier, pipestop, pkginit, ploy, plucky, point-in-polygon, polygon-hash, pony, prehost, pricing-widget, progressify, prompter, propagit, prox, pushover, put, pw, py, quack-array, quotemeta, rap-battle, recon, relaychum, render-assoc, replicant, resolve, response-stream, resumer, resware, rfb, rhyme, rolling-reduce, rref, rsa-json, rsa-unpack, running-mean, s8fleet, safe-regex, schoolbus, scoper, seaport, searsport, secure-peer, seq, seqsolve, sesame, shadow-npm, shallow-copy, shell-quote, shimify, shoe, shortcode, shp2json, shux, sigsolve, sillyscope, single-page, slice-file, slideways, slidey-termy, smtp-protocol, sockjs-windows, song, sorta, sorted, source, split-by, split-css, ssh, stackedy, stagecoach, static-eval, straggler, stream-adventure, subdeps, subdir, substack, surrender, switch-stream, swoop, syntax-error, tap-finished, tap-parser, tape, terminal-menu, testling, testling-jasmine, testling-server, text-table, throughout, tilemap, time-window-stream, toss, tracer-bullet, transfuse, traverse, travisify, trumpet, tuner, tuple-stream, undead, undirender, upnode, uppercase.c, utf8-stream, vm-browserify, voicebox-karaoke, voxel-chunks, voxel-creature, voxel-debris, voxel-forest, voxel-json, voxel-player, voxel-portal, voxel-spider, waiting-around, waitlist, watchify, webworkify, wordwrap, wreq, x256, xhr-write-stream, yarnify, zygote

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